Introducing the 2016 Sherco enduro riders

The Official Sherco Enduro Team riders posed for the traditional early season photo shoot.

The riders who will be riding for and supported by the factory this season are Anthony Boissiere, Jeremy Tarroux and Wade Young.

Anthony will move into the E1 class and race in the World Championship. Jeremy will concentrate on the European classics, the Championship of France and will race a few of the World Championship rounds in E2. Wade's program includes all of the extreme events, the South African Championships and there will be a few other surprises in his program. Tom Sagar will race in the European Championship and compete in the races held in England.

In addition to his role as factory test rider, Fabien Planet will participate in promotional races in Europe.

As for Team Azzalin, Matthew Philips brought his strength to the team this winter and will race in E2. He will race in the World Championship and different races around the world, he will have as a teammate Lorenzo Santolino who will race in E3 this season.

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