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In 2001 Sherco bought HRD, a prestigious French firm dedicated exclusively to the production of high-quality enduro bikes, with the aim of expanding its activities in this market.

To ensure this new production activity would not interfere with the trials bike divisions already excellent results, a new factory was created in the town of Nimes in Frances southern region of Languedoc, close to Italy, which is the country that is the principal supplier of materials and components for the enduro bikes.

Directed by Didier Tirard, these new facilities cover an area of 2,000 m2, and have a team of 14 employees dedicated exclusively to improving the enduro and supermotard model bikes.

The current offering is for twelve models in the enduro and supermotard configuration with the following displacements: 50 cc 2-stroke, 125 cc 250 cc 300cc 450cc and 510cc 4-stroke. The estimated production capacity stands at some 3,000 units per year.